Musings over scalding pot of chai

Little did I know the value of quiet mornings when I used to watch the ruddy skyline melt away into a crispy azure stillness, broken intermittently by jet contrails from their early morning exercises. The smell of hot tea or coffee didn’t mean much back then, apart from a routine to start the day. Now, when I do get a few moments to mull over a cuppa, I often find myself conjuring up a to-do list, going over my presentation for my upcoming grand-round, wondering if I have packed the PE Kits, whether the homeworks are in the school-bags…….the list goes on….and even that can be interrupted by- "mummy Coco just pulled my hair and snatched the Troll from me"…..So just to maintain a modicum of sanity, I thought of siphoning my thoughts down, whenever I can…….over a cuppa


For regular visitors, curious peekers or the enthusiasts, welcome to my blog……..I would be delighted to share my thoughts and little experiences (bitter, sweet, mundane, philosophical)  with you. Feel free to take a tour……happy reading….. Hope you come back soon…..

(P.S.- Most of the blog photos are taken by me……so please, no attempts at stealing 😉 )